moonshine Five flinching flaming fushia flamingos Fumbling for fifty frostbitten froathing fuffy fruit fairies 000604
moonshine Brighten up any cemetary with a bright fushia colored flock of plastic flamigoes! 000717
kerry the real ones are smelly. only the fake flamingos are actually pretty... they remind me of those overgrown yards with the white rock gardens and the plush toys in the window. maybe a couple statues of some saints or storks by the front steps, some astroturf, an old station wagon. 011207
celestias shadow my friend got a calendar with pink plastic lawn flamingoes dressed up in all kinds of crazy outfits.

I want it.
jenny enny dots my string of flamingo lights add a gaudy touch of disco to any room in the house. 040203
camille political signs 041023
Ant - The Flaming Flamingo... the title of my musical in the works... hehehe 041024
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