moonshine I should have known you'd be a flake like the rest 000626
maccie flakes of gold that
ripple down my spine
like unknown dreams
and undreamt fears...
klairchen Lots of people say that I'm a flake.

But the people who "know me" swear that I'm not.

They say "It's just a front she uses to protect herself and be comfortable."

These people then say, "Really she's one of the smartest people I know. Underneath it all, she knows alot and it's almost scary. She's probably laughing at you right now."

Really, I say.
Are you sure?
Maybe I am a flake underneath it all.
emmi i know someone who is a flake. even i have more balls than he does. i told him that the other day and he hasn't spoken to me since. go on emmi, lose another friend, you know you want to. 051214
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