yummychuckle a flirting steady blue stare
imprisons my impaired judgement.
I'm reeled in like a fish on a hook,
gasping for breath and jumping into moments.
My thoughts flop around haphazardly
as his hand slides around my body.
The surface of my skin tingles with scandal.
His eyes scintilate with excitement
and drown me with refreshing allure.
His tongue traces my lips with seasoned skill
and his peircings glide softly on my skin.
I give in and wrap my arms around him.
breathing him in.
ClairE At Annika's birthday party, Mike Bloom told us about a boy in his poetry class who wrote an ode to a fish.

In the poem, a hook got caught in the fish's neck, and it was released back into the flowing stream. When Mike pointed out that there was a possibility that the fish might not survive, the writer became greatly distraught.

People surprise you. I've got to give the little buggers that.
unhinged i've been hanging by my feet
lying still
for you to release me
your little barbs ensnared
in my heart
creating little puddles of blood
under my eyes
i have waited so long to be snagged
waited so long to be let go
for anything but this
but i think my gyrations
tangled your line
a little irritation
your nimble fingers
can fix later
but i could take away those few precious minutes
curse me
you have already left
gaping holes
in my hungry lips
farmfish swimming free caught once, everyone is.

fortunate you are if you is letted go, but swim fast swim free and choose the deep dark water.

learn what dangles from the hook
what strikes the water
and never be catched again.
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