Tank and so he said to me, "but you are different, you are a fighter, i could never be as strong as you or do the things you do or be who you are." and i thought what a load of old bolix, we can all fight and we all do, it's more about what fights you happen to choose. 000716
silentbob Not with fists
but with words
i battle my way through chaos
i offer my mind smeared on a cracker
wash carefully with tea
i open up the wounds and scream salt into the blood, hoping to bring out the fighter in them
hoping the get into a real fight
fight of minds
conflicting opinions
No physical involved
grendel i have a knack for both

But when disaster strikes
...when debate fails
i like being able to successfully resort to brief and horrendous assaults

and when i have rehabbed the injury spawned from an accident suffered in a careless moment, i will again know the cathartic thrill of it all
di luce I'll run off to be a photojournalist some day. Maybe I'll be shot dead in some Iranian prison. Maybe I'll come back with a story to tell. I seek the solitude, the release of born bonds. It is the key to this shackles. I'll dive into the work and leave this life far, far behind. 030203
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