yummychuckle i dont pretend I know or pretend I'm experienced at anything, because I'm not.
thats all.

i just hate when these other fifteen year old girls go around pretending to know everything.

I write what i know to be true about myself. thats all. thats all. thats all.
Casey You know what's worse. When Adults accuse teens of THINKING that teens know it all. I hope that came out right and people understand that. 020402
bethany yeah i was 15 and thought i knew it all once...but only because those infernal adults told me i thought i knew it all...then i ran away and it was a big mess...still say it's their fault...dont even know enough to say you dont know everything and have them beleive it...know it all...grrr

if your stereotype of someone is strong enough they will grow to fill it in your internal interpretation
what's it to you?
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