kookaburra (somebody's been watchin kiddie movies again)
Painted hands reach for the sky,
They shall reach, as will I,
What happens if we do not try?

I always wanted to become,
that oval; sizing of a crumb,
glowing beauty of the sun.

Think Id then so quickly grow,
From a spell cast just so,
Only Magi will ever know.

Was a humans experiment toy,
Checkup from the neck-up boy,
Could only be a psychos joy.

Shaking cans with paint so bright,
She blessed him with fairy sight,
Saved him from the machine bite.

Hope that I shall never see,
Unnatural x upon the tree,
Death for all those close to me

Hexxus from a dissolved tree trunk,
Mind, body, soul was junk,
Made of Toxic Love and gunk.

But he is not our greatest fear,
We are unfeeling: ear to ear,
All the things we cannot hear!

In the cave each golden dot,
Brighter than what can be bought,
Stunning for it cant be caught.

Im not just a grain of sand,
Glowing seeds and glowing hands,
Taught more than I now understand.

Flying-she was brightest blue,
Back when her innocence was true,
Purest minds, could they fly too?

Of purest minds; whos to say?
Maybe theyve floated away,
Could anybody soar someday?
pete i love this movie. i remember in grade 8 on the way to quebec city for our grad trip i found this on the bus's radio thingie. it was only the sound, but oh did i enjoy it! 040611
unhinged i went to the theater with my pops; and i distinctly remember there being more scenes involving the seedling in the movie-theater version than the cassette version. fairies make me jealous with their pretty transparent and feather-like wings. 040907
falling_alone this is the movie that i feel in love with faeries 041018
dipperwell When I was little, my dad threw some trash onto the street, and I accused him passionately, "Haven't you ever seen Fern Gully?" 050913
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