a girl The opposite of masculine, and I think this is a good thing. What's wrong with a little bit of variety in the world?

So let's not spoil it. Men and women are different -- can't we just leave it at that?
Colleen She was not a "dreamy" person, but she was thoughtful and very discerning. She relished the morning, the great blue sky, smiling, cloudless... and the land that lay level as far as the eye could see. 991112
meli as the serpent under the flower.
It can be a weapon or a weakness.
kittenqueen i want to hear the most violent of music and the most gentle of conversation 000120
lotusflower i guess i'm kind of girly at times. 000519
marjorie i'm pregnant.
i think it's kind of a feminine thing.
jeff tweedo my mom got pregnant once. 001104
jennifer "I am not a bulldyke, Dave"
"Yes, you are Jen."
Sintina by Japan Man's definition of woman,
I am not feminine
as a child I did not want to be,
because of my father,
but I know I am,
I try not to be flaky or emotional or silly or clingy or dependent.
Then I had two boyfriends at once.
It was the pennicle of my feminine stupidity.
Now my boyfriend doesn't trust me.
He does, but he really doesn't.
I know, I've given him no reason to.
And now
I'm wishing I was less feminine again.
Aimee I often wonder if I'm feminine. I'm semi girly in some ways, but do I have the gentlity, and grace involved in being feminine? I don't know. I would like to think that I'm feminine, but I know I'm very rogue-ish in that category. 011020
Pooge I am a woman, but I'm not very feminine. Still, I can't deny the femininity in myself completely. And should I want to? Femininity isn't BAD... infact, I rather appreciate it in OTHER women. 040718
is appraisal an adequate unbiased cognitive filter what if you're straight but effeminate, but you don't want to become a sausage sandwich or any thing..? 040718
kc Being an effeminate guy sucks. 050327
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