jennifer if eyes are windows to the soul
then feet must be the basement

or something...

I don't know
deb my feet look so small
next to his

i never knew i was so little..
jennifer my feet where huge until monty's 000102
Allison Some people say that Quinton Tarantino has a foot fetish. 000118
marjorie Children have small feet.
Adults have big feet.
Children have small egos.
Adults have big egos.
Children have big dreams.
Adults stop dreaming.
I'd rather have small feet and big dreams.
miniver "Heart - Me"

Read my feets.
Zoe my mother used to love her feet. she said that they were the best feature about her. now they are ugly and deformed. it makes me look at my own and wonder. 000716
birdmad on a warm summer night
we were watching some movies
she sat with her feet hanging off the edge of my bed as we made small talk and commented about the movie

as if inviting me to make some move or other she made a remark about how good it was to have spent the day here with me instead of being on her feet all day at work like the day before

seizing on the hint, i began to trace my fingertips in circular motions on the soles of her feet, gently pulling away the white socks
and continuing the movement against the bare skin

for all of her later talk about my other displays of affection making her nervous and uncomfortable, her expression and her willingness to let me go on here make the end and ultimate dissoluton all the more puzzling

on my knees at the foot of the bed as she lay back letting my hands work on her feet and her ankles, stopping momentarily to kiss her pretty toes, i grew bolder noticing the air of quiet contentment that settled over her and the look of someone in the grip of pleasure
kissing the toes of her right foot i let my hands creep up the pantleg of the baggy jeans she was wearing, over her calf, until i was at that place just below the thigh but just above the knee, but this time i was the one who was for some reason afraid to go further,
but so as not to show, i held for a second, sliding back down to the floor and kissing her leg through the fabric as i settled back down. wondering all the while if she had actually been willing to give herself to me that night
dean woman,sensual, soft, warm, erotic 010313
java-jim Seeing feet for the first time in Spring
is a breath taking experience.
kennith Cole Quinten Tarrintino, Howard Stern and Woody Allen all have a fetish for feet. 010417
NinNy Naughty ony I prefere big hands.
and that naturEl smell of the male hormone. sweat it called but I haTe BO,
don't we all.
oh oh oh do it again!
carden i love having my feet rubbed. it's one of my favourite sensations. 010516
Madame Justine I love feet.
Big, bony feet.
With dark hair on the big toes.
Cold feet.
MollyCule We were watching Reservoir Dogs and I was rubbing his feet with peppermint lotion and he had his eyes closed, opening only for the gunshots, he was mostly drunk already on a 40 of King Cobra, and every now and again he would say moaningly "that feels SO good . . . " 010826
pontifier that's exactly what i say during sex! how bizarre! 011210
Sensory so forgotton so far down there...carries all the body's woes and a few of it's own...the yellowed nails, the cracked skin, the little hairs...asexual 021011
Alakaz We assign so much sexuality to the feet, and then look at people oddly when they actually have a fetish for them. Our culture is way to reserved. Feet are Madonna are probably our culture's two most guilty pleasures. It is kind of cool how you can make different parts of the body react when you touch certain parts of the feet. You can do anything from turn people on to stop a headache. Well at least I read that somewhere. 030419
Keegan it shows how well your life is going.. your feet may be pretty but you have chipped polish. you may have corns, but your nails are cut, polished and clean. and sometimes, they look so bad they make you want to vomit your eyes. out.. see? 031126
Rob Feet can be ugly 031218
Rob Feet can aslo be pretty if they are clean and pedicured 031218
Rob I have a feet fetish. I love when toenails are ploished red 031218
reckless poet gross haha...my toes are red with little stickers on them

your loving feet, trampling me, for our love, our future
pipedream mine are neat. sometimes painted. i enjoy pink sparkly nail polish for some abstruse reason, and blood red-maroon. i got my ankle stroked once and was pleasantly surprised at that someone would actually want to touch my feet. i love having my feet touched, its just yummy.

neat feet- guys AND girls- are so important...yucky feet are just eww.
reue i usually can't stand having my feet touched... i freak out (seriously) might have something to do that i can tickle myself through the soles of my shoes... hmmm... nah 040422
FP here's my feet manifesto. women's feet are very sexy. they are sensitive and hidden, and curvy and soft, and these are things men love about women, mystery and difference from me. i love when a woman has her feet proppsed up in public so you can see the soles of her feet. it's so rare to see the soles in particular, and it's a sensual and vulnerable part of a woman's body. women who are reading this may want to try it and you will see that you get lots of admiring attention. i always stop and discreetly glance at the exposed soles and let delicious desire wash over me. it's almost spiritual to carress a woman's bare feet and have her purr and coo as the pleasure emanates up from her soles. and to tickle her soles and see her pretty face light up and hear her laugh is one of the treasures of being intimate with a woman. 040505
disgusted Note to women... feet are NOT a fashion accessory! Nothing is more irritating than knowing a women who wears sandals everywhere! I even saw a women jogging in flip- flpos the other day! American women... you wonder why most of you make up the reason we are the most obese country? you wear sandals to work, you wear sandals to the night club,you wear sandals to go shopping. Lazy fuckers! And here's another thing thats gross... I have had 3 girlfriends (count 'em ; not one, not two, but three!) who have had shoe sizes bigger than mine!!! (I wear 10 1/2). For a woman to have bigger feet than a man (unless he's 5'8) that's gross!!! 040916
suicidalchinadoll I wear sandals everywhere, if I can help it.
and I live far north enough that it snows for roughly four fifths of the year.

I do not wear sandals jogging, nor do I wear them to work..
yes I love to have my feet touched, and if I know that you're the kind of person who would be willing to touch/tickle/put up with my feet, chances are, I'll clean them up for you.

they're my feet, and if I want to wear sandals..or go barefoot...then I will.
a "Point" 1776 040916
kx21 across_the_Universe of 911... 040916
Macaque For me, feet are an inbuilt thing, I love them, but it's been with me all my life. It's definitely something I used to be ashamed of, but it doesn't bother me anymore. There's not an awful lot I can do about it, and after all why should I change myself? So my search continues for the perfect woman with the prettiest feet.

Although, if i met the perfect woman and she had weird, nasty feet, i don't honestly know what i'd do. Hmmmm, that is a tricky one.
I suppose if her feet weren't up to scratch, then she wouldn't be perfect anyhow.
barf boy I had a girlfriend once who was very attractive, but she had these huge bunions on her feet and they used to stink pretty bad as well. All the foot powder in the world couldn't cover up how bad they stunk. You'd have to literally leave the room when she took her shoes off. 060102
emmi when asked, i always say they're my best feature... i think part of the reason is that they're almost always hidden. 060103
nom i have ugly feet 060103
nom feet are weird 060103
pulter My wife has larger feet than i. She is size 6. Im 5s. 060801
lee I love feet sucking licking or getting stroked by nice little toes 060901
me Feet in pantyhose are the best 060902
In_Bloom He held one in each of his hands
Closed his eyes and rubbed the sides of his face against them
I know he kept the sheets on his bed the whole week
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