...---... When i say i love you and you haven't said it back lately, it makes me wonder. When i stop to think and can't remember when the last time was that you said it first, it makes me wonder more. Then i realize, then i know. And then it hurts 030209
no reason i wonder if they'll ever stop driving me 030209
Strideo to the hospital
mon i probably think this song is about me 030830
kss I'm so glad I'm not involved with you.

It's just that sort of relentless measuring of love and it's manifestation as neurotic over analysis that makes me want to jab a toothbrush up my nose and give myself a lobotomy.
...---... well kss, i didn't ask for your 2 cents worth but maybe i wrote this because i found out that the one i was saying this to was still saying the words i was looking for, but just not to me anymore. so go sharpen that toothbrush and then blow it out your ass 030831
sixteen notagoodidea, oh no oh no oh no don't touch me please don't touch me don't do this

shit that was NOT a good idea,

leave room, go online, feel blank, smash skull with heel of hand.

needsto realize when "friends" want more
shivers take a deep breath
wut kind of bull is that
just take a handful of advill and try to sleep it off
picture show I love you.
i know i am nothing compared to you.
explain the error and i will rectify it.
See, i am begging like the dog i am.
Please don't leave.
*silent screams I fear what I don't know, and sometimes doubt what I do...it's kind of frustrating. 040130
rage i fear and doubt myself above all else

overanalyse simple things and ignore important details

everyone else seems to be able to get it right so easily

what's it to you?
who go