fgdfgdf dsregrgser 040819
andru235 dear fgdfgdf:

apparently, from the vantage point of others, we have been speaking the same language. i write this only to alert you so as to avert any confusion on your part.


[[[[[[[[ translated with babelfish from the original:

bvgedaefs fgdfgdf:

sldkjf hwqoi'e sdifjo aog isfe, vsue pos bv xi hs the same dov-fhesrf'ois. husecsiu i og isfei avert any voixhjr oi aog gsge.

-qpvnqpf34568309 ]]]]]]]]
fdsgfvxcbvbv fdsgfvxcbvbv 070610
saw oh yeh blabelfish.... 070611
mailer daemon more babelfish lol 070611
jane very clever andru 070627
mr song hahahaha!! that's great. why did you have to leave?? 070701
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