sab false hope and sunday hats
scratchy dresses that have to be kept clean
hard chairs and boring songs
and the Evils of Society everywhere
there is evil inside me
and it makes baby jesus cry

i know
ive been told

i killed jesus with my sin
and for that only he can forgive me

i dont much like my chances
he never seems happy to be on that cross in any photos ive seen

[i saw a photograph of jesus
and i asked him if he'd make me
missionary That sounds awful!
I'd rather go to a real_Church!
missionary I don't ever want to go to any dead_churches again. 041119
Lemon_Soda I dunno. I figured I had hope or I didn't. Its kinda like faith...I decide what I want to believe. Sure, it might get proven wrong or end up not happening, but hope and faith was never proof of anything. It really is a blessing. I hope I'll wake up the next morning everytime I go to sleep, even though I know that one day I won't. But I'm still going to go to bed every night with that hope. Can you imagine going to sleep each night without the hope of opening your eyes the next day? Without the hope of something better, without faith in a brighter tommorrow, we slide from living to survivng, and one small step from surviving is not. Goals have no appeal if you have no hope to achieve them. I don't want to live in a world were everyone is perpetually depressed at the inevitable.

I have faith that everything is going to turn out fine and I hope that tomorrow I'm a better man than I am today.

I refuse to have that taken away from me.
george Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for. It is the evidence of things unseen 041119
unhinged fuck_me_church_is_like_going_to_you ? 080313
unhinged fuck_me_church_is_going_to_you 080313
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