werewolf both ephemeral and immortal,
just like wonder.
a faint glowing you saw once in the night, that you can now only doubt,
if you are to go on,
in the same way each day requires.

Transfixed on it, others have starved, others have forsaken the tired love of their peers and sought
a twinkling which always
just evades their words, or statues,
or sudden impulsive kissing
of the sky and rain, and even
the flirting
wink given to the moon when in a solitude no one can question.

Somedays others give you that look,
somedays the shower is warm
and squirmy,
somedays the rhythm presupposes
dancing. Somedays you're in the midst of it, and you can stop searching, you can weep openly,
you can, you can cry now without
fear of dying.

And somedays no one understands.
Cuz it's all in you, and it's all in the distance, retiring horizons,
remasking dreams, advancing
in a wind leaving you,
a center pulled in so many
flittering directions,
in itself, in its dreams.
And then it all seems a blinking
losing control.
daxle is it like dairyland? 020518
TheApologist Away with democracy and free speech for 3 seconds. Daxle needs to be shot for that one. 020519
werewolf it's okay...let the knavish sprites come 020519
devalis all in my head. 020807
Eye-lined Black-haired Beauties People tell me to pay attention..."we just went there yesterday why dont you remember the way?" *Because I was in Fairyland of course.* "Snap out of it, weren't you listening?" *No, I was just battling a warrior mage on a mountaintop and winning...in Fairyland* "I wish I had money for thoes shoes..." *Well I wish I could leave this world, this polluted world that was spoiled and now lies contaminated in the lonely stretches of space...I wish I could go to Fairyland ... that place in my head that I cry myself to sleep wishing for...Fairyland.* 040930
falling_alone don't dance or play in the faery ring...they'll trap you and have their fun. don't listen to their tales, nor drink their wine, or dine with the faery. you'll be trapped for good.

and though i was tempted to step in my faery ring, their songs rang through the trees and in the wind, the aroma of their feasts made me wonder, i did not for i knew the warnings.

the faery ring disappeared soon after.
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