sphinxradio are spelled out
each one the truth
removing doubt
eroding youth
when we didn't know
what wasn't real
the facts couldn't show
what not to feel
but now we're sure
don't we feel smart
but so impure
and without hearts
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Deee-Lite rules.
Most people are ignorant.
Justin is the finest thing to ever walk the planet.
Justin wants me.
I want Justin.
We are both too shy to do much about it.
thieums Facts are a bad substitute for imagination. 040518
z facts provide fixed reference points fromwhich to anchor tottering houses of cards 040518
Magdalena Disturbing..

In New Orleans there are only 3 types of guys..basicly...



even worse when you brake it down..

Subtract all the guys that have no job, live at home and are over 23, have kids and are under 25 and not "Taken", are missing teeth, sell or abuse drugs, in or have been to jail, cheat, out right dumb, lie consistantly, whores and as I said before.... taken or gay..

that leaves you with a percent like a fantasy..
Heay, yeah, sure I believe in fairies, dragons , good men and other fantasy creatures.

hahahahah....NOLA sucks!
Syrope paranoia, like fear and panic, spreads. it's a little slower. a little more painful to assimilate. but it happens. eventually. 040519
_alone & lost_ facts are what hurt the most
facts are what help the most
facts are what you can always rely on
facts are what you must never trust entirely
facts carve a trench through you heart
facts are an essence
facts are when you give up, and don't care anymore
when all you can do is just tell the fact.
the fact.
facts are what hurt the most.
but facts will save you from rotting away.
_alone & lost_ facts won't allow any false hope.
and facts are the truth- blunt and clear.
Syrope facts aren't all they're cracked up to be

facts are the things you need other facts to prove. they always need proof, evidence. fuck that.

just go with the feeling
minnesota_chris Welcome to Blather, Mr. President. 040528
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