Yoshi an arch in your life 010925
blown cherry I remember in highschool one of those moments when someone had an 'eyelash' on their cheek, which was kindly pointed out to them, and henceforth removed from said cheek.
I then remarked to Ayse
"How do you KNOW it's an eyelash?
How do you know it's not an eyebrow hair?"

She totally freaked out.
It was like someone had just told her that there was a god.

I love it when I have that effect on people :)
nomatter I wanted to pierce my eyebrow once, kids these days. 030905
Death of a Rose shaved, pierced....oh....oh....

lean in with mine and pow....
pipers yours goes up quite often. i can do that too, but its an idiosyncratic thing with you and just a 'i can do this' thing with me. sometimes i use it for accentuation. i like being able to do funny things like that. raise an eyebrow. wiggle my ears. roll my tongue. tra la la. 031218
Syrope i dreamt that i could read the furrows that appear between eyebrows. watching for wrinkled foreheads, i tapped into each person's anguish, frustration, concentration. then i wished i didn't have that power. it was becoming a burden. and it hurt that while i could see others' pains, no one noticed mine.

then i woke up.
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