distorted tendencies Step Into The_Wired 010922
distorted tendencies Maybe you are actually still in it once exiting. You never really left. You merely crossed over into electronic eternity. Post-Mortem. 010922
distorted tendencies Free yourself from ground-zero. 010923
Subterranean Visions get out of this cess-pool 011030
trippin maybe death (exiting the world) is just a state of mind, like being happy or sad 040318
oldephebe there was an X-Files episode some years back that dealt with that..kinda postulated that a guy had found a way to transfer his consciousness onto the net...guest starred this really heavily mascara'd platinum blonde..who went on to co-star in several short-lived sci-fi
er shows.

if anyone figures out how to do it..i'm down..definately down for some transmigratory consciousness paradigm thingy stuff
Jen I knew a girl. She had anorexia. It wasn't about getting thin for her though, it was the empathy she felt for all those who didn't have food - she just couldn't bring herself to eat. In the clinic she just got more and more depressed and tried to hang herself, but the nurses were on constant guard and she didn't succeed, though she used to cut herself all the time. I went to visit her one day and she was crying and telling me she wanted to live, she just didn't know why she kept trying to kill herself.

Three days later she died.
three words jean_paul_sartre exit_the_world across_a_room 050313
pSyche stay back
I'm about to open
emergency exit
horns will blare
I'm pulled out with
cold gust of air
don't want you to
have to come with me
I'll drift on
ocean currents
in the black space
between the white words
Exit the world
in three
stork daddy oh boy i'm spinning and i've had enough. too much cotton candy, and i didn't take it serious enough. but the bright lights and the profitable smiles told me not to. oh i must be shaming my friends, who will have to tell their parents what happened and may take some small pleasure in outlasting me, but may also feel great fear that they too were as close as i was to yakking all over the floor, and all over the uniform shirt that we have to wear everyday to school and that will probably never quite clean up entirely, because i sure did a number on it. please let me off, it's spinning madly. but is there anything that isn't? something slower would be good, something i'm used to. am i used to anything?
maybe just no cotton candy. or maybe only cotton candy. not both though, not like this. oh man, sometimes it feels like once the door closes on that ride, that you'll be in there forever. when you feel sick you feel that way, and you feel like you're the only one who knows it...and you look at all the others who are smiling and laughing and distorting their faces as the spinning ride pushes them up and down against the wall, and you wish them better luck than you had. and you feel guilty to even remind them of the sickness they're all prone to.
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