birdmad my train of thought had long since been de-railed and after years and years in the terminal, i just now realize i'm only carrying a standby ticket 040804
unhinged if at the right place at the right time, a standby ticket can still carry you away

it is always sunny above the clouds no matter where you are
stork daddy unhinged. you seem likeable. i just wanted to tell you that. you may proceed. 040804
stork daddy and birdmad, you can have my ticket, since i don't know what i'm going to do when i arrive anyways. 040804
pete i'll ride my bike so fast that instead of hitting the median and smashing into the oncoming traffic i will take off into the sky and fly across the experimental farm to your pillar, deep within the gatineau hills 040804
bird my human_credentials are a little shaky, like an expired I.D. 040810
unhinged at least the turbaned dude behind the glassed in counter didn't try to take your expired i.d. and tell you it was a fake when you were trying to buy cigarettes high on your way to the bar. damn quickie mart on south avenue. 040810
unhinged involuntarily 100322
jane you're telling me there's no way off this plane?

what plane, you say?

where am i going?

someone else packed my bags for me.

there is no bomb.

this leg of the flight is also a layover.

z burning_airlines_give_you_so_much_more 100323
workinprogress. one way to self_realisation

now boarding at gate 3i
minnesota_chris whatever flight you take, you just end up in an airport terminal. 110105
what's it to you?
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