maruku the chance to dance is past.
the present is the future.
i channel nothing.
i am.
continuance remembers. saturates thought with borken embers.
slow down and sinking lower
bobbinb slower.
an ounce of noise infects my brain to rattle prattle prattle on your parade.
who is your name, my phantom? what is your game, my phantom?
silentbob palindrome 001107
fran Have you ever been lying in the grass, minding your own business, when you find that you've changed completely, like... trees into reading material?

And you never see trees made out of books.
..kyle.. booktrees... 030320
alus first we have to do away with any highschool in america 041011
misstree every era is what you make of it. 041011
suicidalchinadoll I look at this word and see an amaryllis. 041211
flowerock Love from the inside out 151005
what's it to you?
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