unhinged i held her while they cleaned up the room. her stomach was full and brewing and she needed a good bounce. it was a long day; she had been introduced to the house of god. i layed her down in my arms and began to sing to her. she loved singing. she just looked at me with her enormous dark eyes and got a adorable half-smile on her face that looked to old for her two-month old face as her eyelids got heavier and heavier and the tears came and my voice got all choked. 'i counted up my demons and found there was one for every day; put the good ones on my shoulder and chased the other ones away...oh oh oh yeah oh oh yeah oh oh yeah everythings_not_lost' you are MY little ari. you know that don't you? all mine... 020317
farmfish take it in you see. it is all yours. be nice in there. yeah, you know. you know. feel it. for dis be the same. this be thee one, you be knowin.' go ahead, nicole. 020317
fyn gula i want to count up the birds that have flown northward along the sea and i have seen at least four hundred. for that i am satisfied, for spring has come with little fanfare, as if she has simply been sleeping. nothing's been lost, only the little we didn't notice, and still nobody has been noticing that. 020317
frAnk hmmm.

no. it's all still here, where it's been left.
blueberries and raspberries it is when we look inside to where the effortless negligence has forsaken us do we actually remember to write down the address. nothing is lost. it is stored as pleasant memory. the morning kiss. 020317
Syrope but everything has been rendered useless, so it might as well have been lost 020622
blue_star not yet.

I can still save myself from the drivle of the real world and run away and become an alcoholic.

My dad keeps telling me, "This is what the real world is like."

What does "real world" mean? The world of pain and mondays and too many cups of coffee? Forgive me if I'm not jumping at the chance.
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