birdmad Once upon a time
at the end of all things

the border between forever and oblivion

where all that is, all that can never be, and all the things that no one ever dared imagine exchange uneasy glances

armageddon apocalypse now playing every nanosecond as never before
just like always

in the beginning
the end
typhoid the ultimate interface 000624
whirligirl the end, the beginning,
seamless, i hope.
i like it that there might be as many event_horizons within my body as here are elementary particles.
your bodies, too. :)
Fire&Roses to hover... hanging between this world and the unknown.

Once my favorite movie...
celestias shadow my absolute favorite phrase ever. it's so thrillingly gorgeous, so morbidly pure, i can't help loving it every time someone says it. 031224
anne-girl it sounds... so pretty, so terrifying that there's this invisible line
and once you've crossed it there's no turning back...
but really, what are the chances of accidentally tripping on a black hole? Outside of Star_Trek, where you might well bump into one on the way to the replicator for some coffeee
mp21k Point_of_no_Return 050327
... twist_and_turn around_and_across the Black_Hole(s)... 050327
birdmad vanishing_point 061114
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