burden Pleated pants and circumstance
Can never buy another chance
silentbob We hardly knew ye! 010529
nocturnal one of my favourite tool songs 010529
Casey I want mine to be funny. When I'm dead and sitting on my purple striped cloud I want to be able to laugh my ass of everytime someone reads it. Bobby, you can be in charge of that 010611
Mushroomman He had a lot to say, he had a lot of nothin to say.. 010807
MisterFunkadelic standing above the crowd,
he had a voice
that was strong and loud
Gollum would you die for me?
don't you fuck'n lie!
yea you Written for you bastards go die anytime please? 041103
Garcon i was outside
until half
past two
i sat alone
and i thought
of you.
i was
so lonely without
you. i could have
been so warm
with you.
see the trees covered
in snow.
we can go where we want to go.
we can lie down and watch the stairs.
you can feel my heartbeat in your arms.
the moon is bright
and cold
and blue.
the moon is bright
and cold
and blue.

this is an apology
i am
so sorry.
so sorry that i doubted you.
i never thought
this could be true.
i wrote this lying on the floor.
i thought that i could would breathe no more.
to cut so deep - to be so free:
i'm still alive, this is not my eulogy.

no one knows
how close I came.
when i fell, i called
your name.
Father, son, and the
Holy Ghost, no....:
I owe my life to
the most.
no one knows how far i am
when i called, you grabbed my hand.
now i can't think of what to do
i guess i'll call you.

this is an apology.
i am
so sorry.
so sorry that i doubted you.
i never thought this would be true.
i wrote this lying on the floor.
i hoped that i would breathe no more.
to cut so deep - to be so free, no.
i'm still alive.
this is not my eulogy.
birdmad He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
We'll miss him.

So long.
We wish you well.
You told us how you weren't afraid to die.
Well then, so long.
Don't cry.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least you tried.

Standing above the crowd,
He had a voice that was strong and loud.
We'll miss him.
Ranting and pointing his finger
At everything but his heart.
We'll miss him.

No way to recall
What it was that you had said to me,
Like I care at all.

So loud.
You sure could yell.
You took a stand on every little thing
And so loud.

Standing above the crowd,
He had a voice so strong and loud and I
Swallowed his facade cuz I'm so
Eager to identify with
Someone above the ground,
Someone who seemed to feel the same,
Someone prepared to lead the way, with
Someone who would die for me.

Will you? Will you now?
Would you die for me?
Don't you fuckin lie.

Don't you step out of line.
Don't you fuckin lie.

You've claimed all this time that you would die for me.
Why then are you so surprised to hear your own eulogy?

You had alot to say.
You had alot of nothing to say.

Come down.
Get off your fuckin cross.
We need the fuckin space
to nail the next fool martyr.

To ascend you must die.
You must be crucified
For your sins and your lies. [sic]

(to celebrate the resignation of alberto_abu_gonzales )
arwyn I want it to be either funny or tear-jerking. I'd prefer funny though... Maybe I'll write it myself sometime. 070828
Pipina crying is good for you, it is therapy and you can recycle some salt at the same time.

Within all this chaos, i forgot the date and my credit card pin code, i'm really really sorry.

The last film we watched at the cinema together had quite a lot of significance, i will make it up to you, I promise.
xx xy (maths is not my forte)
unhinged i'm sorry
i should have come up with something poetic for you
i think mom's was great
it was great how everyone laughed at just the right places
i helped her write that one
i listened to her practice
oh she practiced
i held her hand when she cried

my dad was conspicuously absent from her side
i was there
i think me and mom are closer now
so thanks, i guess, for that

she asked me if i wanted to write something
since i've been known to wax poetical even to the family
but i was too sad
the thought of standing at your wake
and having to speak
was paralyzing

moms eulogy was just right
everyone laughed in the right spots
it made the wake feel like you were there
close by
what's it to you?
who go