ClairE Immediately I sank down in my seat. My cheeks were nearly pink. Every relationship I've been in, up on the screen. I said, "No, no, don't--" but it was more of a soft pleading than a note of alarm.

It's lovely to see something real.
cocoon mmm.
Elijah Wood.

The movie looks good as well.
magicforest must





is a tad melodramatic at times
. How I do wish to erase you from my memory and start all over. 040324
realistic optimist one of those wonderful movies which leave me tightlipped and pensive.

i saw it with a friend who is the epitome of the characteristic which spawned jim carey's offhanded comment :
"i don't think constantly speaking is necessarily communication."

as we walked from the theatre, my friend babbled away about the movie, and i remained quiet, still drinking in its sweet subtext.

i mulled over the potential experiential connections to someone who has undergone ECT's, especially several of them as someone to whom i am close has endured.
birdmad i used to think alcohol would help me achieve this effect, but it never quite did 040325
delial meet me in montauk. 040328
stork daddy why does the ugliness have to touch so much beauty? 040328
karl the weed i love this movie 040328
Lemon_Soda I've never cried or laughed during a movie as much as this one.

See this movie.
Think about this movie.
Then see it again.

For you, my lady.
ever dumbening The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

There are five paths between the columns to the chemistry lecture hall. If you go through the far left one, you get an A, the second from the left a B, the middle one a C, then D, and the far right one is an F. Or wait, was it the far left one is an F? Better play it safe and go through the middle one.

Yep I got my C's all right.

This all means something. It has to. I just can't figure out what or why. Maybe the rosemary will help me remember the days in China.
magicforest tied with donnie darko and amelie

absolutely impossible to describe
Syrope instead of erasing you
this movie brought back so much
and i wouldn't give up the memories
for anything

except the chance to meet you again
magicforest creepy
it was just blathed
and i just saw it
for the

Piso Mojado i cried

some tears for the love story
some for me and y
some for the dead space inside me
stork daddy it was so difficult to do i imagine, and so well done. 040416
magicforest esotsm lives forever 040416
unhinged but we saw ladykillers instead; a somewhat inferior and mother disapproving choice. a little better than fair, but nothing special.

and it's spring. and spring always makes me sad. but spring makes me even more sad now because it reminds me of you.
jane you know, i was going to do the blue hair thing before i saw the movie - but now its like, that girl saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. goddamn culture... 040417
endless desire sand is overrated.

((this movie is everything))
delial I'm sad because it's gradually being removed from the theaters around here. In fact, it's only playing in 1 out of 8 at the moment. Only twice a day, at that. I hope I get to see it again before it's completely gone.

It seems being erased and erasing are a running theme these past months, and this movie really comforts me somehow, just to watch it play out on screen...and I have to say, I've never seen a dream-like state represented as well as it was in this picture.

"I am making a birdhouse."
silentbob i am screaming 040526
Piso Mojado unknow 040615
megan i want to see this 040615
hsgatincamail true intent is to show you where you are always happy.

without fear. step out of shadows. stay where you are but light a candle.
. I_am_searching_for_people_with_souls_ii 040910
Piso Mojado I'm not a concept. Too many guys think I'm a concept or I complete them or I'm going to make them alive, but I'm just a fucked up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours. 041204
Syrope it's to the point that i cry more during the deleted scenes than during the actual movie... 041205
unhinged that one scene towards the end where kate lures jim into the abandoned beach house in the winter and the house is being slowly deleted around them as he tries to hold on to one little piece....

i think that's how me and you would be now
after trying for so long to delete you
that memories can't create reality
that all i ever wanted was
to save the happy ones
we can't ever be the way we were
before all the erasing
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i love it
i love how they try to keep the memories from seeping out and being deleted, erased impersonally
i love the twist
i love the realism, even in the notion of deleting peoples' memories.
I love how he tries so so hard to save her in his memories, and realises that in the last memory that they have to enjoy their time together because of the inevitable.
apply that to life with the eventuality of death and you have a perfect parallel.
this story relates so much to everything possible that you can think of.

i liked how i could imagine myself in all the scenarios(sp?).
so relateable-to.
so good.
*sighs* i want to see it again.
jane how happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
the world forgetting, by the world forgot.
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd...

alexander pope
silentbob i should have left you at the flea market! 041207
Mahayana apparently i wasnít paying close attention to the scriptís message, to the beauty in all the details... somehow i managed to lose it all

yesterday while sitting in "Professional Procedures & Portfolio Development" class we were handed a four page questionnaire to fill out ...

the details indicated that i am a [tech innovator] which represents approximately 16% of the population. We tend to create new technology applications or invent completely new technologies.

Earlier this week Mr. Hogan had mentioned that i needed to attend some other univeristy like Harvard or MIT, that with my grades, creativity and talent i would excel there.

And all i can think about is inventing the memory-erasing technology from eternal_sunshine_of_the_spotless_mind

[i promise to not erase you entirely]:merely the parts where you cheated on me & tamed my spirit for life: you see,... my soul was never meant to be grounded this way: most days i donít even recognize myself anymore

my insides are slowly suffocating the entirety that makes up me
a thimble in time Your professor's right. Put your gifts and talents to work. 041207
sirflaccid It is the kind of movie that you cannot just watch.

You have to listen...
and feel...

A great piece of art.
blown cherry I suppose I'm glad at least that you're remembering the good bits, even though right now it's the bad bits that are important.

I think perhaps I remember it all too well to put myself through it again.
It's not my fault that you don't.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i love this movie.
it rocks!
as does amelie, and american beauty, and all the other amazing films that matt introduced me to.

thanks, matt.
nothin like a good-ol' mindfuck 050411
Living it is more like memento People change, maybe.
Especially if they go in with their eyes open. If they don't want to repeat anything, especially not the bad.
delial will always remind me of her, whether she admits it or not. 050413
emmi i swear my ex had something like this done to him. i'm surprised he did it first, though. 051119
peyton s.a.

i saw it
its now longer apart
than us together
but you were right
with what you wrote to me that one time

he is just like me

but it still wasn't meant to be
you were right about everything else though
unhinged i think this is my favorite love story of all time 140115
what's it to you?
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