god brand brand 020618
paste! now now 020618
dornick epscage_velcrochirty 021208
snap into jim apparently that fancy fabric, you know, with the hooks and the loops, is vulcan, and was supposed to be called vulcro

it's fact
it's fiction
it's friction
let's fuck
♣ seals yee-haw, Jed! 021208
Snakes_on_the_highway yeah, we've got to get outta here man, now before the cerebellum chieftains abandon my gray-matter burnt to a crisp 040212
misstree the closer freedom comes, the more cables detach, the more carefully crafted interlocking parts are smashed by blody_grin with a wrench. the time for cultivating is gone. reap all that the garden has, salt the earth and spit on it, release everything that has been shunted for the greater good. those that are unscathed are the true heartlings, bless their very existence. if it weren't for the few remaining desires for closeness and kindness, i'd scrap the whole human world as worthless.

don't just drop the ballast, smash and burn it. there is a pattern that must be crafted and destroyed, but i can't even think how to begin.
what's it to you?
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