typhoid everything is true
everything is false
everything is meaningless
everything is true and false
everything is true and meaningless
everything is false and meaningless
everything is true, false and meaningless
nothing is true
nothing is false
nothing is meaningless
nothing is true or false
nothing is true or meaningless
nothing is false or meaningless
nothing is true, false or meaningless
some advice do not take people who deny the
existence of truth, or who claim that
truth is falsehood, seriously.
they are all: (1) misguidedly being hyperbolic; or (2) being silly; or (3)
very dangerous.
ClairE A Klondike_bar and a bottle of seltzer cost the same amount (69 cents, incidentally).

I can't decide what I feel about that, or think.
cube I think typhoid is trying to say: white is black, black is white and neither has any relationship to what we actually see.

(Ansel Adams must be rolling in his grave)
no reason "maybe it's a bad idea to be with the opposite sex equivalent of yourself" 101222
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