Q It was said once long ago on blather blue that touch equates to any of our senses.

That, I think I am happy to report, is incorrect.

Touch, like each of the others of our senses, is special.

All of our senses have some characteristics in common with others. For example, all are mediated through our brains, even when our brains seem to be impervious to that obligation. But none of them equates to any of the others.

It is a tough act for one thing like a sense to equate to another. Even imagination finds it almost impossible to make it so. Even intense imagination!

Oh, senses, they are different!

Touch especially so!

I would, if you would, participate with you in a test of that assertion. Despite its ordinariness, it might seem under our current circumstances to be somewhat bold.

Yet seem to be equates not to is.

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