paste! eddie had a scooter with elvis stickers all over it. when roseechlargle's disease caught up with him, he died.

elvis sat on a pumpkin watching eddie fall off the scooter, dead, into some tumbleweeds.

the storm shat on the people at the stands buying chili dogs and tequila sunrises. there were no umbrellas, no shields, wide open expanseless sheepless motherfucking desert wasteland.

sit in this chair, rub your hands, kill me.
Irreverent Lovejoy the coriolis_forks determine the spiciness of the mint.

the ad execs determine the severity of the back door violation.

the mangrove trees are the sparkplug of this team.

Chapter 2, Book 2
RISC a step toward reaching the varnishing_point 030527
Webley vanishing or varshining i never knew which was which in the end. 040212
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