epitome_of_incomprehensibility I'll be the epitome
Of incomprehensibility
You all seem to have certainty
That there is no stability

Where is the security
In superficiality
When things that were just words to me
Have now become reality?
:) mwa
i know
where you

*evil laugh*
e_o_i Me too. Evil laugh. By the way, I think the above poem is rather dumb and I have completely rewritten it in a nice funnel-shaped format. It wouldn't fit on a blather page, as they are sadly too narrow. Ah, who cares. 060214
Ptolemy DCLVIII I, for one, happen to like the above poem. 060214
Qwerty U. Enya singing selected passages from Finnegans Wake translated into Elvish. Underwater. 060308
no reason hi,
are you from montreal? i think i remember you saying something about it. montreal is awesome.

also, i like your name.
e_o_i Hello. Yes, Montreal-ish. I currently live in the Dorval suburb (where the airport is) and go to school downtown. 080603
in a silent way you cracked the sky by throwing ribbons at it. i love that. if i were a visual artist, i'd be impressed too. 130204
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