-{::EphermeralArcs::}- My online metamophisis is decided, I'll call myself from this day forward, after this post forward, EphemeralArcs.

Ephemeral)): The evanescent changing, the adaption that takes place daily and which dopliganger and chimera's and disillusions seem tied frequently to my soul.

Arcs)): The breathe between, the arcing wires that are the connections between those ephemeral worlds.

I'm not leaving the sorrow behind, but I am leaving the doubt and derision. Forget the wan microcosm and open to the whole macro, and when myopics are weaving in the distance, the vision of patterns will emerge.

*bows* I greet everyone with my new heart.

ever dumbening reminds me of the northern lights

welcome to the world newly born one
Mahayana EphemeralArcs welcome
you grand phoenix you

[i fully embrace your new heart]
lycanthrope ephemeral arches...what archaeologists will call McDonald's when they find it buried in the sand 020312
doppleganger Welcome! what an entrance. Me? my name is constantly being re-born. After all, I never post with the same name twice in a row 040313
. I have enjoyed some of your writing through the years. I am sorry I did not express this sooner, because now it may seem insincere, but I mean it. Also, yours is a great name. Don't despair. Troublesome though it may be, most of our admirers are hidden, and their reasons for admiring, ineffable. 091114
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