Q Just Engineer it

Okay, you're into engineering,
neither shooting nor being shot
a super star to be,
but, oh yes! still destined
to design and direct, also,
short of making steel and screwing
it together, produce wonders
that shine in the moon,
glisten in the sun,
excite as stars and bolts of lightening.
We all hear them and taste them
when we see them and touch them
(Notice: we need a steel that smells good):
Golden Gate, Sydney Opera House,
United States Capitol, Millenium Center,
Loom and Sewing Machine, Milking Machine,
Dodge Caravan, Airbus, Mars Lander,
Plow, Printing Press, Microchip, Laser,
Computer Keyboard, Color Monitor
We lust for more of your
shows and dances.
Just engineer it.

C 2000
ever dumbening The rate of attempted suicide among engineers appears to be the same as for the general population, but the success rate is far higher. 160115
ever dumbening found on twitter.

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