miniver Fine-structure constant!

Oh, me.

Let it be that only the laws of nature are independant of space and time, so, yeah, the electron cannot be regarded as an elementary particle, and mass and charge are dependant on time! Perhaps. (Oh, but think in scale, think long, long-time). Well, whatever, we need to read so many books that we will never read. And this is sad.

But, remember thermodynamics! A special case -- for the theory of theory, see. All macrocosms, and point mass, and proud independance. And then there was life from non-life, and human sentience, and--

It's all going to fit, and I'm going to fit it. Yea!, though I am, in all rememberance, a quitter. But a start-anewer, too! What do you think? Be critical. No, better -- be asymptotic limiting! And I'll stop with all the exclamation marks, I guess.
sleepless I emerged quite a few years ago now.
Took a look around.
Eyed up the competition.
Sniffed the air.
Checked out the surroundings.

That was enough. I did the sensible thing and turned round and went back to bed for a few years.

Make sure you wake me if there's something I should know about, won't you?
birdmad larvae

or am i just a common worm?
josie so i sat and expected you...
in some sense of the word. To become prevalent in my line of sight.
crawl of the dank and emit a glorious white light.
but i waited too long, too eagerly, too needfully.

and i sit.

you won't believe the things i've seen, far beyond your wildest dreams, i've seen kaos and order reign supreme. i've seen the beauty of the you, and verse of peaceful answering & circumstancial violence and screams. life, your heart is whittling with your brain, emotional or reason now which one do you obey? life, somebody calling you insane, when overwhelmed and blessed versed in tears of happiness.
waiting for you in your emergence.
Photophobe Why do you seperate heart and brain?

They're two side which blend in a person, not two conflicting forces.
bc head and soul and body 030112
TCMT the_theory_of_everything

"In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. Emergence is central to the theories of integrative levels and of complex systems."
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