squint blurred
moan into the night
and I would scream
but its deafening enough
inside myself,
and elliott in my discman
would drown
in my plea.
bethany when he let his dragon go i cried 020805
oldephebe oh man..i was just writing something about a choir of banshees...that preyed upon the tenements of unarticulated/hidden pain...the black thing that boils up and out of some nexus of hidden things that writhe out of our sub-conscious....and in the sleep deprived when they writhe out they take on bodies and heft and whieght
something welled up within the walls that until we give it it's horrific voice won't let us live a normal life..

birdmad ...smith 041119
whitechocolatewalrus i listened to elliott_smith today 041120
Snook beautiful songs, and what a way to go... 050923
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