Vincent.Valentine She talks like a six year old!
It's the funniest thing.
She tells stories that noone cares about,
and she tells them poorly.
But overall, a jovial kid that studies too much.
Here's looking at you, kid.
silentbob tell me why i have to miss you
tell me why we sound so lame
nocturnal that's me! funny, I read in one of those name books that it means "daughter of god," or something to that effect. still makes me giggle when I think about it. I mean, wouldn't that make me big j's sista? 010422
little ol me she got new sweatpants!!! 011008
gerdle margaret 021012
quinn brown hair and blue eyes
my secret identity stolen
my own name revealed
czmember estarocks cpgurrl me 2. 040720
pete we call her 'bizz' cause as kids we couldn't pronounce her name... i remember bizzy's busy box *grins* 040720
newme the first and second 040720
seeker its my name
i wish more people would call me by it though
i think its pretty
but i want it all to myself
i don't want to share my name
Dragonflye Sometimes I feel disconnected from my name,
as if it were something entirely unrelated to me,
as if it existed
while I do not.
what's it to you?
who go