acorn gatherer Never walk in the jungle between 2am and 6am because that is when the elephants are jumping from the trees.
The reason pygmies are so short is that they walk in the jungle between 2 and 6am..
Tank one of my plants told me his name was elephant. 010317
Laura the pink elephants run free in my jungle of lost tranquility 010317
Samwise Gamgee Oliphaunts 010801
zenfishsticks thanks to cake, elephants have become my representation of true love. crazy mad love that destroys your world just so it can build it up again, this time out of tinfoil and glitter.

anyway, so now truesdale and i don't bitch about love--we just say, "i don't think my elephants will ever arrive. they're on the extremely slow boat from india."
ellen cherry charles you're right zenfishsticks,
elephants are the harbingers of love
(dontcha all love that word, harbinger?
'tis mintness!)

AUGH! folks, she's over-the-top giddy. Someone call the loony bin
Whitechocolatewalrus Elephants are the only mammals with four knees and, incidentally, they are also the only mammal that can't jump. 031108
r1y9a6n4 white elephants can't jump? 031126
monica my little one year old girl loves elephants. she has three little elephants that live in her bed and one that lives at grandma's. 060321
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