jennifer it was October
and they told us to act like it was June
so there we were
in shorts and t-shirts
in our school parking lot
and milling around
BJ was an ass
but Sheri was nice
and everyone saw the movie three times
to see themselves
their friends
and it
I saw Tyler and Joe and David
(can kiss my white ass)
but Jimmy got left on the cutting room floor
but he didn't care
because he got paid $560 a line
and he got himself a new car
I saw myself in the trailer
with my long lt brown hair
and my huge grey sweater
Karl and I laughed
because we were on both sides of the gym
next to each other
and I won his TV
I hated the movie though
guitar_freak It is election time!!! The votes have been cast and it is undecided! Politics are so corrupted, yet these are the most intresting things. This election will be in the history books. Corruption in power!! Bush takes a stand!! I personally think that the Republicans rigged the Florida votes by a few different ways. The ballots were in the wrong order in areas with a high likely hood for Gore votes. So instead of that, buchanan got votes that were meant for Gore inabeling Bush to get that 2 thousand ahead. So the democrat who approved this ballot was either paid off, or the Governer of Florida (Bush's brother) figured out some way to make it in Bush's favor. People were literly crying because they knew they had voted for the wrong person. These were most old citizens who couldn't read very well. These ballots are also illegal because there is a law that states the head Republican comes first and then the democrat. Following those the minority parties. Yet, it wasn't done that way, and so doing, violating a law. Thus, a revote should be declared for the state of Florida. Every freaking citizen in Florida can vote for all I care, as long as the real winner is the one determined by the public and not by the fucking government. I also believe that the electoral votes should be gotten rid of. It isn't a democracy when the person who got the most votes loses. That is a dictatorship in a way. If Bush becomes President and not through a revote I will become the most anti-government person you will ever meet.
dontknowwhoivotedfor??? Corruption in power!! Gore (sore loser)takes a stand!! I personally think that the Democrats rigged the Florida votes by a few different ways. The ballots were in the wrong order giving Democrats something too hard to figure out. Therefore voting for who knows who, buchanan got votes that were meant for Gore. Bush was 2 thousand ahead. So the democrat who approved this ballot was either paid off, or the Governer of Florida (Bush's brother) figured out He'd leave all alone and knew they would fuck it up themselves in some way, to make it in Bush's favor. People were literly crying because they knew they had voted for the wrong person. Funny that they weren't crying when they realized their mistake after the hole punch~~These were mostly citizens who couldn't read very well. Thus, a revote should be declared for the state of Florida to prove Bush won by a landslide. The one with the most votes wins.

I wish they'd do a recount of the whole nation, what makes florida so special. I am sure Gore paid off a few other states.

Too bad Elian couldn't vote
god in mexico i voted for gore 001109
klairchen What about Canada, eh?

Did you even know that we're holding an election now too?
Barrett Fuck the recount! The numbers were wrong the first time, like counting them again is gonna change the numbers?
neil young klairchen-
in america, we (the rich white landowners) are self absorbed and arrogant. we are also ignorant about anything that doesn't involve us making more money.
we killed the "indians" and took away their land. we kidnapped and enslaved countless africans. we are just a step away from being nazis. don't be surprised if we invade canada very soon.
kx21 The next US' President after CLINTON, GORE or BUSH is to be democratically
decided via the following:

CLINTON the Monica Lewinsky,
GORE the Sunshine and
Beat around the BUSH...
tourist I'm in Florida, and there have been a number of irregularities in this election. We had the option of regestering to vote at the DMV while getting driver licences, and this information did not get to the polls in some cases, the ones I heard about were democratic voters who were turned away. There were ballots misplaced only to turn up the next morning. coincidence maybe. Maybe not.
I agree that the Electoral College should be sacked. Popular vote is the hallmark of a true democracy.
No mater what the outcome of this election is there should be some real changes in the way these things are handled. How do the Canadians Handle this? I wonder if there isn't some way to encrypt the information to make an online solution valid?
One thing that I did see in this election was a wide selection of candidates outside the two main parties.
We had Soicialist, Green, Natural Law, Libertarian, Socialist Workers, and a few more I can't remember. But it's the first time I saw such a wide spectrum offered, and I voted for McGovern against Nixon (Damn I'm Old).
The Founding Fathers refered to this country as a Great Experiment, I hope for an evolving cililization to result.
I have stated elsewhere that I believe we need to hold this Technical civilization together long enough to establish a permanent presence off planet. I really believe it is Human destiny to move out and survive. There is little else that gives Me real hope for the future. Politics is just another Distraction along the trail.
Yet I do hope that any of you that could vote DID VOTE, and I don't care who for. The only way to make real sustainable changes without crashing the whole society is from within.
ANARCHY sounds exciting, but the Dark Ages were No Walk In The Park. Fear and Ignorance Held Sway for Generations.
I'm not ready to say good by to all of this (and hello to Oblivion), but I will say good night to all of you. My freinds I've never Known.
j_blue the flaw in democracy is the fact that what is popular is not always what's right.

alot of people forget this very important reality.

luckily, the founding fathers were paranoid of government, and made one where popular will is balanced by other factors.

nothing should be decided purely by popular vote, the electoral system has become a state by state popular voting system, and should be changed.

however, it cant be said enough, that any singular method of government is flawed, thats why there are 2 houses to legislative branch, we have a president, and judges.

since replacing electors with some other apparatus is to aggressive for our modern day, which means no one would be up to the task and capable of it simultaneously, i think prudence dictates we leave it. anything that prevents decision solely by popular vote is absolutely necessary.
tourist RE: Popular Vote
Perhaps I should clarify this term as I see it. I meant it to mean One vote per citizen, or simple vote. Not like a measure of trendy-ness or the latest fad.
This is what a DEMOCRACY is. I didn't invent it, I was only born into it.
The checks and balances on power and the system of Laws they have engendered, are a reflection of the Knowledge that the rights of the Minority also deserve protection.
I belive primaraly in LIBERTY. That no one should be excluded for reasons of religion (or lack of same) race,ethnicity, sexual persuation,political standing (with the exclusion of harming others to prove a point) or class. As long as you are a citizen you should be allowed equal access.
My problem with the electoral system is primaraly that I can not understand how or why the basic one vote per citizen process is helped by this extra filter. I think Majority rule should be the standard, and wonder if any other democratic governments use the electoral method?
That's all I was saying.
kx21 The major flaw in existing Democracy Election System.

Who do you want to be your next President?

For each candidate, there are three possible responses i.e. YES, NO or UNSURE.

For two candidates, there are total of six possible responses.

Is it possible to capture voters' voice / response accurately using the existing existing Democracy Election System?

The answer is obviously NO.
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