whitechocolatewalrus looking out the window
all these cars racing by
why is everone everything
always in the way?
rain swirling_down
drowning all the kids
playing basketball
down the street
how is your home
warm and loving
with a touch of lonliness?
peeking out the curtains
glimpsing a finger painted world
colors moving blending breaking
all this beauty hiding
in the world
waiting to be found
you are a beauty
you are a world
you are a beaty of the world
smallrus how are you? 040326
. . 040409
minnesota_chris you impact my colon 040409
ee beep peep aka "peepers" hi, i haven't been on here in a while. where'd smallrus & piper go? i miss 'em. 040430
ee beep peep aka "peepers" gasp, i just saw the last blather i made and found out that there's already a blather on my nickname!!!

whoa, smallrus, i can't believe it. that's a beautiful poem (well what poem of yours isn't?).
ee beep peep aka 73 today, 60 tonight 040501
what's it to you?
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