amy eat forbidden bug

(three_words, random)
i thought it was an apple...
gaudior a prison with gilded bars, a euphemism for addiction. 000115
forlorad i never tried to feel,
i never tried to feel.
i never tried to reach,
i never tried to reach.
your eden. (swaying trees)
and you know -- i actually tried to get there once, but you just wouldn't let me come there, not cum there, but come there. i dont see it anymore inyou. that eden of mine i love so much.
splinken please please please please please 000921
samael and from the tree i bade them eat.

and in His infinite love he punished them.

This, then was the fruit of the argument that saw my wings torn from my back and my new home in the depths.

Love does not demand submission.

the emptiness borne from a failure to love should be its own damnation

the flames and the ice and the things He gave to me are just insult to injury.
Maria I don't need an eden. I'll take life's imperfections. 071010
what's it to you?
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