Q As long as the moon has graciously been put on the minds of all blathers everywhere, even those who want to and I pray will get to the moon, I am reminded that those into astrology think there will be a full eclipse on January 20 this year.

Dear Moonman, is this correct?

If so, where will it be observable on our paltry Earth?
typhoid there is no solar eclipse on january 20.
on dec 25, 2000, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from most of north_america (all of the united states except hawaii and alaska).
the next total solar eclipse will be on june 21 2001, and will only be visible from parts of south_america and africa (i don't think the total eclipse will be viewable from any mainland, though!)
amy i think the eclipse is con la luna on January 20, 2000

my mom told me that the next total solar eclipse to be visible from midwest North America will be August 17, 2017. But that's not quite right. it'll be August 21, 2017
Q lunar, total (at least in continental US, Canada)
thursday evening - friday morning EST
i will be in love with the night
Understudy To Abby Grey We dressed and went outside,my sister and me, so we could go watch the moon lie across the belly of the sun. And she held me close; she knew I freaked out in the dark, but I remained composed this time - though I thought it was the end. My ideas of the cosmos were not quite Copernican. All I knew was mashed potatoes, Crayolas and dolls. So, here, among the red leaves of a Massachusetts fall, I was resigned. In dark days, scrunching up my wings until brilliant rays came in from the strangest place and this light crept in from the margins fully dressed, and itís singing the songs we knew best. I never knew she smoked, but I assumed it made her happy. I hung my head down low and moved in close to smell its stink hang on the chilled air. I loved you then; I wish I'd told you, and that I wasnít scared at your side. And I find it strange that in the face of dying, itís small things that hold their shape and qualify my presence here amongst you five, who have taken up the burden of legitimizing my time in this life.

Rose, you were right:
thereís nothing present in the dark that isnít in the light.
monadh somewhere walking breathing somewhere sunshine falls on you and moonbeams dance their immortal dream upon your lips 011029
camille 011101
celestias shadow to cover something in darkness. to outshine.

how can it be both dark and light?
absoloot psychological?
or intensity of light?
or you mind?
i'm twisted...
and sick
goddamn it!
goddamn fucking it!
mourninglight in a physiological way, we eventually come to terms with the inate paradoxes of the mind. of the self
of the blood and the humors

existence and non-existence are merely a breath away
a breath apart

and the moon slips over the light of the sun, blocking the passage of time, until through the pinhole of the diamond ring
the future is opened to movement and growth
to living and the possibility of non-living
all a breath apart
a breath away
jane total
amy nada a big sucked down feeling 090708
deb Amazing it is
how this new sun
shines its golden light
upon things
Or perhaps it always
shone this way
but the fog was
too thick
for me to notice it,
too thick for me to see
anything but
and the world we had
spun for ourselves...
That world, in this new light
looks dim and broken
when viewed through
these new eyes,
when compared to the rest
of everything surrounding me...

I see a glimmer
over there...
how interesting...
I wonder what this
glimmer holds,
and wonder if it
really is for me...
Shall I discover it
what's it to you?
who go