tonya thirty eight caliber revolving door
metal jacket messiah, nitrates and bacon grease.
the KY jelly and the sacramental whine of the engine roaring to life and off into the blue highway
Becky Sounds like church on the run. The way some people go to church just to say they went. Not to really go. To be "wholesome" or something along those lines. Why go to church if you don't really mean it. 010716
mornckton stryper vs. the_urban_pirate_reversal 010720
silentbob sounds to me like a big black tornado car with tinted windows and a jesus_fish on the back. it parks in front of an infidel's house and the window rolls down. He shoots nails out of His wrists dying to save them, then speeding away in His black armored car. 010720
mr.bunnyrabbit smoke and mirror chopped ringing food plate, chrome axle wracked full speed wild turkey valdez hit the baby's arm in paradise at top speed BANG the monkey fell out the poop hatch, hatch open no monkey now.

here kitty kitty
Casey I drove by jesus once. He was on a corner picking up some hoes. When he saw me he gave me the finger and told me to fuck off. 010721
jackie "reptile house" mc cracken anti_venin serenade, the rgythm of the highway and the stacatto popping of armor piercing salvation

i've got it all in the box behind my bed: grape_nuts laser_nuts and stryper_upon_cactus

yeah, you betcha, i got news for them there goddamn giraffes_from_delphi

they are NOT getting my ice cream
Shay twenty-four hour drive through chapel 040826
thunderbuck ram it's ok, he'll forgive you. 040826
what's it to you?
who go