Dafremen Dreams Gone By
R. Dafremen

Don't know why the hell
I let another chance
On a dream go by
I let another dream go by
Kissed another dream goodbye

Shoulda coulda woulda
Done everything for you
'Stead I made you cry
Made another dream go by
Made you wanna say goodbye

Don't you know baby
I'd do anything for you
But my ego says the damnedest lies
When it's all said and done
Girl what I feel for you
Leaves me wishing I had swallowed my pride

Instead I gotta sit here
Like a chump who
Let another dream go by
I let another dream go by
Kissed all of our dreams goodbye

Sitting in the dark
Like a punk with my ego
And a cold Coor's light
And another dream gone by
Kissed you like a dream goodbye.
Sailor Jupiter Places I've wanted to see
People I've wanted to love me
Jobs I wished to hold
All these dreams have been sold
Lost w/out a plan
A thing some just don't understand
How can you be so lost?
Having dreams has a great cost.
little fury bug
i waved to them. they waved back mockingly with an evil grin. i started running after them, but they were way too fast on their shiny new razor scooters. I got on my tricycle, but that didn't help. My thighs hurt after a couple minutes of pedaling and I went so slow that I could barely see my dreams anymore...they disappeared into the sunset...so i sat there on my tricycle with aching thighs, just waiting until my shadow disappeared and blended with the night.
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