pSyche It started off as a vacation.
All the guys from my outh group were piling into a white van. My father was the driver. I told him that I wanted to come with them, and he said that this was alright if I just told my mother.
Now I'm in the backyard of a large white house. It's evening time, past dusk. Something about birds... There's a fence, and something behind it is scaring me. Something bear-like, something that I see only as a frightening silhouette and a pair of eyes. We(?) shoot it.. over and over and over again. Why won't it die?
Inside the house, I see my husband and kids (?!). I'm upset because apparently he's remarried. I'd been gone for so long and no one knew where I had gone. I say hello to the kids, but they don't see me.
Chasing a pink car/wagon downhill. There's a rushing river, and now I'm chasing them down this stream. The children are inside, and I can't reach them. I can't get the roof open so they can get out. It's sinking... there's a split in the canyon(?) and we're sperated. I'm left rushing away in a wooden barrel.
I land, somewhere, and wander along an empty canyon path until I come to a cave/hallway. There's a girl who meets me with blonde/brown hair, and I fall crying, at her feet. She says she'll help me. So I wander the dusty, desolate city streets with her crying "Claudius! Rene!" and I can't remember who it was I was looking for. The girl brings someone to me, to guide me to a new city. And I look at him and remember something so very important.
pSyche A girl and I were sitting/floating under bridge. It was evening. She had a basket in front of her, and we were trying to eat a meal, but the basket wasn't floating, so we kept sinking.
We made some kind of deal and she gave me something, and I remember leaving with a plastic fork.
I was in a cement parking garage. There was a kind of seperate room that I was in, I had five books of the Bible laid out in front of me; and five curiously shaped screws/nails. I had to match the screws with the book of the Bible. I tried to open the first book- The book of Peter- but whenever I tried opened it, there was this horrible explosive noise and I had to shut it. I only ever saw two lines, and I knew that was all that was in there. The book wasn't finished.
The screw that went with the book of Peter was rather...serpentine. Something in me just knew they matched. I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to screw the book shut, or simply lay the screw on top of the book. I matched them all up, laying the screws on top and forming a semi-circle of these books. I asked my father, who was standing by the fireplace (where the heck did that come from?), to hand me the big King James Bible that was next to him. It was the same Bible that my mom had kept on our coffee table when I was younger, it was about 6 inches thick.
He told me "You don't want that. The king left books out of that Bible, so your mother hates it."
I was quite confused. How was I supposed to put the books in order without a complete Bible to help me?
pSyche The river... oh my, the river....
Everything was flooded.
I was in a building, maybe a large shed or wharehouse, attempting to stay aflot on an orange table. I was raiding a nearby vending machine for food, because I had to go to the volcano.
It would be dagerous, but the water, yes, the water would keep me safe.
I had to ram tables that were piled up against the building to make an exit. I don't know how I did it.
And there was somebody with me, but they kept on messing everything up.
All my delicate plans, all broken.
narcisstic_grapes spin an empty web, delicate threads hold on to wispy visions.
a feather, some beads. resonate with my magic, and fly me away. 'catch the stars, put 'em in a jar.' bind me in your silky splendour. endure my dreams.
LS My mother loves them, I know not why. She still has my ex's on her rearview mirror.

I like to watch it spin.
what's it to you?
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