paranoid martyr [by Lift to Experience]

What's that in the sky shining silver shimmering sleek
A star a star is born
Down came the angels from heaven up above
Drunk on the passion and the fragrance of song
With feathered wings flapping
Upon the wind to my door they did descend
Quietly a knock

Forgive the intrusion but we've travelled so far
Three wise men who seek a star
Came down from heaven from the throne of the great
The council of the Mullisites sent us to speak in their place
We seek shelter with a storm on the horizon
Can you give us what we seek
Give us shelter for our friends and I

All I have I give unto you
And all I have is this humble abode
You're welcome to rest here if I may be so bold
Tell me what it was that was said just as was told

Fair enough my friend
I'd hate to keep you unaware

Then do come in and let me entertain you
Well don't hesitate, out with it now, I'm in Ernest pray tell
What was it that was spoken that my soul he said well

My Son it's a bit complicated you see
To say what was said is nothing easy
They sent us here to dry the sea
To crash the tide and protect the free

They hung a watch upon my wall to sound the alarm
What sort of console does the summons now seek?

My son they didn't say they just gave us our message and sent us on our way
All I know is to follow the star
The star that's set over this meagre barn you inhabit
And you're not what we expected all covered in shit
But we're just the messengers and we know far better than to try and interpret
And when we deliver this message the council of God
That in exchange for all these things God will bless the man with angel wings
Fly above, see beyond
More lies than words and given power over the curse
To call upon the storms
My son if you want God to bring about these strange and wildest things
He requires as cost that you must count his loss if you want those angel wings
In exchange for all these things he requires something already quite his

What, what does he ask?

In exchange for the wings he requires your life for this
what's it to you?
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