dallas and around and between and through. there's lots you can do when you start to move and jiggle and figgle and faddle. 980820
cencia don't you hate it when you know the killer or the ghost is in the basement of that movie your watching; but the woman decides she should check out the noise that came from down there. AAhhhh!! 980908
Misty there where peace is a trendy hand signal -- low as my soul to see hate and prejudice. 990211
adam farther, i want to go down fater, i can never be sad enuf or lonely enuf, i can never hate enuf or find enuf wrong with you. 990218
Zed spiders
world-wide and inside
yesterday, this morning
and I can't remember if I actually left
jazaug I've been down so loooooooong oh you give me honestyyyyy... 990508
sarah up 990608
donaldson down and up are pretty good words,
but i like "over" --
come over, put one over, left over, four leaf over, over and out...
biggidybfnh stop all your whining and bullshitting! you all know how happy you feel when they go down. i love it. it's the best. do it again damnit. down, down i say. like moby dicking down ahab, i want you down where i can see you, touch you, taste me. DOWN.

yeah, that's good shit.
valis down and out or up and away ... same place either way. 991207
angela years and years run down my face. you want me to say things i can't say. i need to stop bottling. i need to stop bottling. someday my glass will shatter. 000419
WoNDERGIRL circumstances
will prevent
my going down
on you
and I'm sorry
but it's just not that easy
neville How can you laugh when you know I'm
Exile to the park
where the chant is
'Death!' until the sun
cries 'Mo(u)rning'

Down to the park
with friends of mine"
jamie to go down is a act of love or at least lust. One will not chose to go down with out alterier movtives in mind. Most imporant is repanit of the deed. 000724
insolence like a temple: symmetrical in every way
a downy halo on her cheeks, arms, and legs, my Beatrice has smuggled me into Heaven, contained in her warm, loving arms
caite almost.
not yet though
i've probably already marred this way past repair
Quiggz Please see my entry for " up ". The same applies to down, in an inverse manner. It's all in the mind! 010102
carey down down baby! 010205
JsjtEgpt where i lurk in the back of my mind with the wheedling little voices i try to ignore that tell me all the things other people want to say but never do. 010328
Chrity go to:
phil Saying your all a bunch of idiots, is a put-down. 010426
KFOX Gosh, it's so aweful to feel bad.

Why can't i just be happy? Why don't things just go my may?

What the fuck IS my way anyway?

i don't know what the hell I'm doing. i have so many options, so many that it's crushing me. i can't make up my mind, so instead it turns to mush and I vegitate, drooling on the walls of the box i put myself into. Stuck. That's how i feel. I'm stuck and i can't escape. Not today.
marjorie there's this song...
called "love in an elevator"
i can't remember who sings it.
someone with an A in their name though, I think.
and it starts off with a little lady's voice saying, "going... down?"
And... eh.
That's about all I remember about it except the sound of them singing the words "love in an elevator"
But that's getting a bit foggy now, too
BioHazzard Tied down to this rock that anchors me here
my chains of loniness scar my flesh
there is no boyancy in this situation
there is no soul nor air
drowning in the desperation of my own madness
I humbly sit and accept my fate
the is no point in fighting this time
I stopped breathing long ago
I died years before that
all that is left
a pain, so harsh,
my soul refuses to lay at rest
so here I sit,
with my chains, and my madness
and gracfully accept my reality
as I scratch what appears to be what's left of my skin
I watch the scabs slowly heel,
with every intention to rip them right off
the pain is too much
but the pain is all I have
Blood washes away into this thick air around me
covered in silt, I realize I can't move
where am I, how did i get here
Square one once again,
Tied down to this rock that anchors me here
pralines&cream ... where i like to be
... where i like to have you
... on me
... on you
i'll take either,
preferably both
both are wonderful,
and fantastic
and perfect
and not just a little naughty.
Tjousk I have been down for way too long.
It is time to make a change.
ClairE Is everyone on blather down today?

In the universe?
Shag Wylie GO BABY GO!! 020110
Mahayana if your upside down

] down isnt necc down anymore
nor is
] up necc up anymore

[[it all depends upon your perspective]]
[so, neXt time your down, just hang upside down & you are at least doing 'something' to change the tides]
J go down on a leprechaun...but only if he says SUCK ME DICK! 020829
niska 311 got it right. no need to expandify here 030301
Tresser McKay slide, feel it smooth down
mellow gaze
soft flow sound
not so much a toss twist turn
nothing as rigid as these
but a sweet coast tease
flying me in dreams
humbled down the SPIRAL WE TUMBLE unraveling all the way only to find ourselves small again when we emerge~ what a drag 030415
crimson d
down down down. deeper and darker and colder and harsher and stupider and blinder and weaker
Dawn of Death and Gore yeah whatever

it's all good
sahba is where i will be for a long long time 040124
Azz Down is just where you are before you pull yourself up again, a state of thought and reflection before you rejoin the flowing stream of life 040124
down.. i get in his pants and he goes down mine... ohh boy are you looking fine!;) 040201
Gekiganger 3 down is down.. but there is no down in space.. now im just lost... 040326
ann moses down?? damnit. just the same way. no matter how far up or left and maybe a right i go. its always down, without knowing until Im fugging down there. but hey! we'll always have jimi hendrix, sweet shiny little plump baby mushrooms to make our days worth living and i must, my dear read you must understand this, i MUST Remember to Smile and remember that life is, indeed worth Living. but go ahead and hate it all, it'll only hate you back which leads to getting arrested or losing a limb. They say we can heal each other with out medicines or surgeries, i dont think you can heal a missing leg, you know? i mean, really and this needs to be said- We aint no damn dirty lizards. well actually, i will recant because once at a pier in Charleston SC i was sitting on a bench and some dude walked up to me and started talking, but i informed him that i was totally baked and couldnt form sentences correctly and i sensed his hurt feelings and then change into a lizard. this i swear! but then again, It was really dope bud. regardless....yeah man, just regardless. pax 040430
ann moses ignore yourself
discount and renounce your thoughts
donít pick it up when its already found its place on the ground
passively pass the passing time
and laugh not when a joke is told
be that fly on the wall no one notices

think in small waves/ making sure not to cause to a ripple in space and time
donít you pull that thread
don't touch that aching tooth with your probing tongue
mind not to mind when its time for you to mind

donít scratch that itch
look at what everyone else isnít
say the opposite of what you mean and watch the confusion you set lose out on people
conform yourself into something nihilistic and call it a religion
pound on the table for a new life

breath the smoke that people cough at
be the eye stinging gas
be anything thatís not expected of you
love what they hate

and after you're done being and doing all that
turn it all around and say fuck it, with a smirk
and walk away
trin down the rabbithole. 040825
erhjw i was a little grill 050216
jordie It happens beneath the shroud of night.
Invitations- in their ribbons and glitter- rest sullenly behind.
The frills and lace and stitching-
The feather and sequins and shadows and songs-
The pipes and the hookahs and cigars and bongs-
All flowing to the masquerade ball-
All slinking to the marble-stone hall.


the cobblestone.
emily and trying to climb back up... 080722
f some people like to watch insects struggle,
that's just a clean example of what their soul made of.
what's it to you?
who go