TalviFatin I dont feel like blathering right now...I cant think of anything to write....or write about... 011125
silentbob : O 011125
ilovepatsajak scrumchulescent 011125
Aimee I have nothing important to say.. 011126
Aaron i blather a little every day if i feel like it.. but lately i havn't felt like more than one entry a day.. 011126
ClairE I can't imagine it...but I hope someday I feel like it.

Maybe then I will pass this semester.
blown cherry Too tired.
Don't feel like dredging up the pain that induces most blathers.
silentbob the fact that this page exists annoys me. 020222
littel_elf me, too, yummyC, and lately I've had too much to do. But today, *today*, I am taking a break. 030220
angie i wanna just talk to you instead of sending you messages over blather...
sometimes i wonder why i dont just write you an email because it is clearly you that i am writing about on such a personal level. once again i contemplated writing you an email because i really dont feel like blathering but i just dont know
i wish u coulda stayed tonite
im sorry i was so emotional last nite i dont know what comes over me sometimes. i just needed to be held and thank you for that, thank you for being there and listening to me even tho i wanted u to talk thank u for listening to me. i called u but u didnt me whenever you want...talked to my mom
depressing like always
sorry i do kinda weird things in my sleep
i cant explain the feeling i get whenever you tell me that you watch me just makes me feel so loved i dont even know how else to describe it. oh well maybe its better that i didnt party tonite cuz maybe i can actually get some work done...perhaps. this week is gonna be like a record since i got back to school since u have lived her that i have slept in my own bed the most times. haha that sentance didnt make sense at all. i hope you have fun tonite and friday nite. can't wait to see u...i should really just copy and paste this into an email...but then wheres the fun in that. miss u
minnesota_chris is feeling poopy yes. Blather is not for personal messages. Give him a fricking phone call, please. It's not like I need to read that you like it when your boyfriend watches you sleep. 030220
p2 no longer a vessel of creativity
now a tool for (one-sided) political views
what once set me free
now irritates me to no end

"if you don't like it,
don't read it"
blah blah blah
The Spork no disrespect intended, but interestingly enough, i'd bet you wouldn't object to it being one-sided if that one side was the same one that you are on.

i avoid blathes i think will annoy or offend me. but then again sometimes i like to be an argumentative bastard as well and will wade right onto the thick of it
p2 none taken

i'm not an extremist
in either direction
any one-sidedness
annoys me

and i also like to get into the thick of it
see: we_don't_want_this_war
but i'd rather not repeat myself
in every single related blather_topic
it gets tiring to write for me
and tiring to read for others
which is precisely what's annoying me
as i feel i'm reading the same thing
over and over and over again
The Spork Look at it this way, rght now most of us watching the news are hearing the same thing over and over again as well. The only recognition the protests have gotten from the powers that be is condescneding lip-service.

If you hear a ratcheting up in the tension and repetition of the protesters and their protests, you would see that it's a product of irritation as well.

Besides, the hawks have been chanting the mantra of "weapons of mass destruction" just as loud and as often as the doves have been waving the bloody shirt of the impending mass of civillian casualties
p2 precisely why i avoid the news
except for the daily show
with john stewart
p2 correction:
jon stewart
angie rolls her eyes well u know what its a selfish fucking world and im gonna do whatever i want and blather about whatever i want and theres nothing you can do about it
thanks have a nice day
Angie has a good point Yes, blather is freedom_of_speech. If something doesn't interest you, it's easy to find about one billion other blathes that do. 040316
Syrope so much energy 040317
what's it to you?
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