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:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: For centuries there have been people who have tried to ignite revolutions in their homelands. Focused on being the catalyst for a needed change.

How is it possible to motivate a seething mass of poverty stricken peasants to cooperate in building a monument of positive energy?

How can you ask a man with nothing to give everything that he has?

But most of all, how can you show these hurt, tired people that they have the only answer right inside of them?

Our society is in debt to the balance of Karma. We owe so much, and the repo man is looking for his car keys. Our entire race has been given so much, but we do not repay it. We don't even try.

We have been given our gifts, there is a talent that you were born with, all of us have a talent. A special ability. Yes, it's true that you were meant to use it for good. Instead we seem to envy the gifts that others have.

We have been given our shelters.
No, we were not born in the fields, we don't sleep on the sidewalk.

We possess a voice capable of lifting up any sad face. Yet we grind our words into sharpened points and thrust them through the hearts of those we love.

We have been given our lives. A precious gift, and yet some of us live in a world of bitterness that pretends they died at birth and they just haven't been burried yet.

We have been given a Light, yet we stumble in the darkness, and when we inevitbly stub our toes, we blame the world for being dark, instead of scolding ourselves for not turning on the light.

In all that we have been given, we still seek to take all that we can grab.

There is still time to repay our debt, to give instead of take, to love instead of hate, Forgive instead of blame.

I don't expect these words to motivate you to join together and revolutionize the world. But I hope that you may stop counting your possessions long enough to consider taking one step towards change.

Besides...I think I hear a car starting.
Anonymity As for the possessions thing, I myself don't favor communism since I live in America, no one here does. The poor demand that they are entitled to a share of what we/I have since "Their humans too!" (The reason Mexican's cross the border). And as for the Karma thing, wake up. People suck, People have alway's sucked, This isn't some damned age of pure enlightenment where we all throw away what we have and embrace our fellow man. I care about me and me only, screw you and screw the world, I got my piece of the pie, do you? (I can't wait to see all the curses and damnations I'm going to recieve for telling the truth :D ) 010806
Weed Eater Yeah, shallowness and greed can be hard habits to break. But It is cool that we have a choice.

I wish america realized what is about to happen to it.
America has done unto the world, as the world is about to do unto it.

I feel bad for you though, it makes me wish I could do or say something to help you feel less bitter.
god are you psychic or what? 020331
:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Why, yes, yes I am....

Isn't everybody?
nocturnal as they have done unto you. 020917
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