Dearest Helpless You take the words of truth I tell,
and cleverly twist them around till they say what you want to hear.
You cant take the fact that Ive done nothing wrong, so you create these bullshit fantasies to make you feel better about your asshole tendencies.

Dont ask me where my heart lies when you wont believe me when I say in you.
nomme everything
i see changes
but i keep looking
for what change is
it waits for me
before me
i can sense it
anxious to know without observing
doomed to be lost
i am setting sail
hue and cry
akaSpike you all suck 030819
The Spork Wow, that was witty.

How long did it take you to come up with such insightful repartée.

"You all suck" Wow, an instant classic.

Oooooo. Man, we're gonna be in therapy for years if you keep ripping into us with such unbridled vituperative fury.
Siren Im just curious. What factor in what is written makes the writer 'suck'? 030821
villain daydream is the political state of mind. 041119
jezabel in absence of your image,
every option plays out
from grotesque to godlike.
each pleases equally
for the spirit it houses.
what's it to you?
who go