ever dumbening an object will be buoyed up by a force equal to the mass of the volume displaced
can you ever be somewhere else?
displaced peoples
be here now
imagine being someone else, somewhere else, sometime else
unhinged i think i might have been displaced by a few decades 011114
god dis place meant nothing to me 030520
three words digging_my_own_memories muttered displacement 050307
. displaced 050307
stork daddy the threatening comforting bouancy by all i displace. 050307
stork daddy the single equation. 050307
reue finally did it last week
i feel like a shit for it taking me so long
one less attachment to someone else
she knew it was coming though, it wasn't a surprise to
i know it didn't sting her too badly. that i'm greatful for.
he doesn't understand
me nor my actions
i can't tell her
i doubt i understand properly
i don't think anyone could understand
maybe thats a blessing
nobody can stab you too deep.
reue jumped off the sword and onto the knife.
i felt again for holly. the way she flirts with me. i guess i was being too naive with my feelings. too irrational to realize it was what it was. hah, to even thing i entertained the idea makes me want to laugh at myself. guess another striking reminder that i need to get my shit together. right... *sigh* so tired.
god too much water in the tub. 051130
what's it to you?
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