tyler waters it's like, you don't use your muscles they die away.. you stop using your brain it gets dumb.. you stop living on the edge.. like, with something driving you (like "the fear") you get soft. i dunno.. i just keep getting this image in my head of joe human who's addicted to the fantasy life that primetime t.v. is protraying for his entire life, then i think of his kids, then their kids.. t.v. will seriously ruin mankind, if not mankind than certainly america 040101
points of reference the_democracy_fairy

birdmad also, on an unrelated note, a damn fine album by the_cure 040101
silentbob btw grendel, i got that dvd. it is phenomenal. 040103
a clever disguise One of the greatest albums EVER.

and the title track is amazing.

I love you, Robert_Smith.
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