misstree and in the beginning,
everything was chaos.

so, some gods came around and said, "look at this mess! how are we supposed to know our heads from our bungholes!" and proceeded to try to bring Order to things.

one little chica, Eris, told them, "no matter how much you rearrange things, you will never truly know the difference between the two."

more parables later, unless you find the tale of the golden_apple somewheres...
oldephebe misstree you should finish this
pope sabbie the IV pres: www.principiadiscordia.com 030820
oldephebe thanx! it's a pretty neet site
*disembodied voice that seemes to be coming from every where and no place at all, "oh ye of fathomless fatuous faith, hearken unto this word - go and replenish your dental floss, and this time use an increased tensile or something like that - oh yeah answer the ____ phone!"*

no really I'm enjoying this stuff - really cool site


really needs to go and replenish his dental floss after he answers the phone
misstree is not a cabbage i've got some parables written down somewhere... *rummages through posessions, upsetting several coffee cups and a nest of possums, flinging sparkly things and velvety things randomly over her shoulder*... i dunno, give me some time, i'll come up with something... i was charged long ago with writing the third book_of_eris, if i can find the site for the first and if it still exists i'll post it. any who have anything to contribute to this bastard child, please i need help and inspiration. mayhaps i'll set down the tale of my wedding... though i was s'damn drunk i only remember bits and pieces... that'll take a couple of days, i'll get me husband's input and me husband's boyfriend's input and see who i can dredge up who was there... each person has a story to tell, very interesting... hell, i'll make a whole friggin' innerview out of it.

but yes, the time has come for more parables. look under book_of_eris
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