. (as interpreted by The Spork) hi

i'm a blatherskite who is so afraid of what others will think of my other blathes that i only step out to criticize when i'm hiding behind punctuation mark

i use the cop-out that since we are all essentially nameless to each other that it shouldn't matter, but by not using my regular name, i am, in fact, proving that it does matter because chances are you all probably already have a borderline opinion of my regular blathes already and i wouldn't want to swing those votes by pissing everybody off and signing my usual blather-name to my bitching and harping, because hey, i'm chickenshit like that sometimes
silentbob i usually don't pay attention to anything anyone says most the time and catch only small glimpses of it now and again and add when it strikes my fancy.

but i've bene accused of being the punctuation mark too....and i've never used it.

Real Name The Spork is a faggot. 030311
The Spork "The Spork is a faggot."

is that all you've got?

You wish.

Even if i was, you come across as being hardly my type, being that you lack any sort of balls, either of the figurative or literal type.

Like i said before, if you can't take shit, don't rake shit. I don't even necessarily like all of the blathes i defend from your horseshit either, but every time you pop up (not unlike a bad rash) i just get a big ol' charge out of rattling your little cage.

All you've managed to do is call me faggot a couple of times, and i'm hardly impressed. Am i supposed to be insulted that you called me a bundle of sticks?
ShnizelCheese I agree how intelligent does someone have to be to be able to put together such a pathetic uncontructive sentence...

Very well done a applaud you and award you with the idiot award youve won yourself a Wooden Braai!!!
Real Name The Spork is a *stupid* faggot. 030319
Jesus Christ (Son of God) Can we not just love one another, whether we are stupid faggots or intelligent rapists? WHERE'S THE MOTHERFUCKING LOVE?!?! 030319
The Spork Wow, "Real Name," you're just dazzling me with the unrelenting brilliance and the razor-sharp wit here.

"The Spork is a *stupid* faggot."

Well, if i was a bundle of sticks as your "faggot" remark would imply, being dry wood would be kind of counter to having any brains and would make the "stupid" part pretty much a foregone conclusion, but seeing as how i am not made of wood, your second poor attempt at an insult just seems to fall flat and reek of the same desperation as the monkey so tired of sitting in its pen at the zoo that it ses no other choice but to mindlessly masturbate for the audience and occasionally fling a lump of its own waste at the glass

I mean damn, what are you going to call me next - "poo-poo head?" Man, I don't know if i could hold up to that kind of trauma.

Wow, dude, if you come up with any more gems like that, i'm just gonna have to submit you to Ripley's Believe It Or Not as proof that some children are born rectally.
Those aren't warts on your complexion, they're undigested peanuts, buddy.

I would have called you retarded, but i respect the mentally handicapped enough not to insult them with a comparison to you.
niska wow, spork. I'm not going to check back to see if you're stinky at me too, (who ISN'T?!), but I really like the fact you pointed THIS fucker out as, well... a fucker.

the spork No problem. I disagree with maybe about half of what you say because it kind of reminds me of the kind of things i used to get after dafremen for doing, but now i find instead of being a generic shit_raker in these situations, it's more fun to go after other shit rakers.

Carry on.
niska i KNOW we all criticize the things we dislike about our own selves - i'll be the first to admit it - i do it all the time... i've never read much of dafremen's blathes because they're too long. plus, i get the idea he's frustrated by this crowd...

(damn - he's gonna slap me for that, isn't he?)

that's cool though.

just so you know, i'm not much of a shit disturber, but if shit happens, i'll ride it out. why the hell not?

happy friday, spork.
kss if I ever get a pit bull, I'm naming it spork. 030701
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