Diane of coarse this is my name and only me 020329
D y a n n e Diane could be my name or is it really Dyanne I write it so many different ways everyday hmm ... which one is best I like Dyan, Diane, Die Ann, Dyyane, Dyanne, Diane, Dyyann, Dieane, theres many more I could think of if I wanted to waste my time but wasting my time which I will never be able to have back again I think I shall stop now cuz I dont like wasting ones time even more so my own 020809
Lucy Ha. There's this super intendent that works in the elementary that i went to... crazy old lady. Her Name is Diane... Didi. I hate that name. She used to work at my high school, but was fired when caught smoking pot w/ some high schoolers. She's like, what.. 50.. she wears crazy stilettos and tight pants and has huge boobs. SHE IS ROTTEN. Her name is DiDi... double D... I hate that woman. 040216
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