tessa i can't believe it.
tonight they are screening a show called "Diana: her last 10 days in pictures"
apparently it is all 'candid shots'

do they not understand?
do they not get what happened?
have they forgotten it was the photographers which killed her?
how could anyone watch that show?

its appalling. disgusting.
backflip well, are you 100% sure it was the photographers that killed her? it possibly could have been a factor but don't believe everything you read in the newspapers, you will be surprised how much of it is lies.

The people that choose to be in the lime light have that burden and danger which traps their freedom to do what they want to do. Diana in some ways did want the attention and enjoyed being an icon. I mean there are members of the Royal family that manage to stay out of the public eye like Philips illegitimate children! they could also kick up a fuss and make some money out of it.

Diana was a good person, but why are we still talking about her? Why can't people just let her rest, she will always be a beautiful princess, what more is there to talk about? I'm sure she would prefer us to talk about dieing people in Africa than to talk endlessly about her, she wasn't so vein.

Who wants to be critisized and used as a means to sell newspapers? Quite a lot of people, and that is their choice, if someone wanted to endlessly take pictures of me then i would just let them, they would soon get bord, i would make sure it was on a bad hair day also.

I just wonder who buys the newspapers or watches the programs, maybe people with no imaginative mind to entertain themselves.

Role models! the public chooses people they have never met! how completely rediculous! People should learn to GET A LIFE, pack a small bag, get on a plane to a poverty stricken country and see what the truth is, rather than spending your entire weekend with their heads inside a newspaper.

MEEERRRRR ... i'm scared not to be a sheep.
Arwyn You can't blame the photographers entirely. The driver of her car had been drinking and his blood alcohol was well over the limit. I'm pretty sure that had something to do with it. 070812
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